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Personal Duress and Alarm Systems
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Personal Duress & Alarm Systems

Black Creek's Personal Duress Alarm Systems provide an increased level of safety for operations and program staff. While different wireless technologies can be employed, the system generally consists of body-worn transmitters, which are activated by the wearer when he or she is under duress. The transmitters are coupled with receivers that are mounted throughout the facility. Hard-wired devices, such as under-the-counter and wall-mounted push buttons are also utilized for duress situations.

A Black Creek Duress Alarm System transmits the location of the incident and the name of the individual involved to Black Creek touchscreen monitors located throughout the facility. These selected workstations will annunciate the duress alarm until a staff member clears the incident. Additionally, through integration with other subsystems, a Black Creek Personal Duress System will automatically call up any intercoms and CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the incident to provide real-time data of the event.


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