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Black Creek Selected by Flagler Co., FL, to Retrofit Jail Security Control System

Flagler County Jail (Bunnell, FL)
Flagler County Jail (Bunnell, FL)

April 3, 2023 – Flagler Co., FL, has selected Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp. to replace the outdated physical security control system at the County Jail, which was installed in 2015, but no longer works as required. Black Creek will provide a new, state-of-the-art Super Display® Touchscreen Control System for the 400-bed facility located in Bunnell, FL. With the exception of new cameras, the system retrofit will utilize existing field devices (e.g., door locks, intercoms, cameras, etc.) in order to minimize costs, while new headend equipment will be provided to maximize security and efficiency.

Black Creek will replace all existing touchscreen control stations with the latest Black Creek Super Display® touchscreen control stations, utilizing the latest supported Windows® operating system and Black Creek’s latest touchscreen control software. The project includes furnishing and installing new programmable logic controllers and control relays to manage the entire facility, new security server computers, and a new secure, high-speed VPN appliance for remote diagnostics and support via the Internet. Black Creek will also replace the existing analog intercom and paging system with a new Harding Voice-over-IP based intercom system.

Black Creek will replace the existing CCTV video management system with a new state-of-the-art Genetec Omnicast™ Video Recording and Management System. As part of the CCTV upgrade, Black Creek will also furnish and install new high-definition IP cameras on a schedule that will minimize impact on the Jail’s daily operations. New digital video review workstations and new large-scale video monitor walls will be provided to maximize the Jail staff’s ability to monitor inmate activity via the CCTV system.

The new Black Creek system will improve the safety of staff and visitors with its enhanced functionality that the current control system does not provide. Each Super Display® Touchscreen station features one 32” LCD monitor that will display all the facility’s security controls and a CCTV camera call-up and video display. An officer can easily select different camera viewpoints, control facility utilities, and more. The system upgrade will make security control easier and save the facility money by decreasing maintenance costs and increasing staff efficiency.

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