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Huron County Ohio To Implement TSI PRISM Real-Time Detainee Well-Being Monitoring System

Huron County Sheriff's Office
Huron County Sheriff's Office

June 6, 2023 – The Huron County, OH, Sheriff’s Office has selected Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp. to implement a real-time inmate well-being monitoring system using Black Creek’s TSI PRISM technology. Black Creek will provide location receivers, detainee tags (with Heart Rate monitoring), server, enrollment workstation, and Black Creek’s TSI PRISM application software. Monitoring will be implemented in select areas of the jail, to include the Medical Unit, Booking Area, and Pod F of the Huron Co. Jail.

Black Creek’s TSI PRISM Detainee Well-Being Monitoring System utilizes Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology consisting of specialized hardware and software to automatically identify and continuously track the location and certain physiological parameters of detainees in real time and store that historical information in a database for later display and analysis. Detainees desired to be monitored are equipped with purpose-built, body-worn active radio-frequency identification devices (tags).

Once equipped, detainees are mapped to unique tag I.D.s in the application software. The tags transmit a signal at configurable intervals consisting of packets of data that provide information about the tag and the wearer including the wearer’s heart rate. The TSI PRISM application software will cause alarms to be annunciated on client workstations if a detainee’s physical activity level rises above a preset level or if the detainee’s heart rate rises above or falls below preset levels. Alarm thresholds for activity level and heart rate are configured in the TSI PRISM application software on an individual tag basis. Proximity alarms are annunciated based on user-configurable detainee classifications (e.g., Covid-Positive/Non-Vaccinated). Alarm annunciations include the detainee’s location in the facility. The PASS-5B tag resists removal by the detainee and causes an alarm to be annunciated on client workstations if removed.

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