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Onondaga County, NY To Implement TSI PRISM Real-Time Detainee Well-Being Monitoring System

Onondaga Co. Justice Center,<br>
		Syracuse, NY
Onondaga Co. Justice Center,
Syracuse, NY

November 1, 2023 – Onondaga County, NY has contracted with Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp. to implement Black Creek’s TSI PRISM Detainee Well-Being Monitoring System in the 665-bed Onondaga County Justice Center located in Syracuse, NY.

Designed with the goal of reducing in-custody deaths, the TSI PRISM System utilizes active RFID technology to automatically identify and continuously track a detainee’s location, heart rate and activity level, all in real time.

Detainees will be fitted with tamper-resistant wristbands mapped to unique tag I.D.s in the Black Creek application software. The software will annunciate alarms on monitoring workstations if a detainee’s heart rate or physical activity level rises above or falls below preset levels or if the wristband is removed. Alarm thresholds are configurable on an individual detainee basis.

The TSI PRISM System will seamlessly integrate with Black Creek’s Super Display® touchscreen-based physical security control system and Black Creek’s SallyPort©NY Jail Management System being upgraded and installed under the same contract.

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