TSI PRISM<sup>™</sup> Real Time Locating System

TSI PRISM Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

Black Creek's TSI PRISM Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tracking System is the only true real-time location and tracking technology that is specifically tailored for the corrections market. TSI PRISM active RFID technology provides a revolutionary capability for prisons and jails to improve security, safety, and detainee well-being by providing the real-time identification and tracking of detainees and staff. The system can be deployed as a stand-alone system or as part of Black Creek's Super Display™ touchscreen security management package.

The TSI PRISM System is the most widely-used and has been proven in state prison facilities since August 2000. Unlike other tracking systems that periodically separate persons into zones of a facility, the TSI PRISM receivers provide continuous tracking and positioning—depicting graphically where an detainee is located in the facility at any time.

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Black Creek Detainee Tag

Detainee Tag

Detainees wear wrist-mounted, tamper-resistant transmitting units that send a unique radio signal on a user-configurable interval. Signals are transmitted to specialized receivers mounted in detainee housing areas which are forwarded over a dedicated Ethernet network to an application server for processing. The PASS-5B Detainee Tag incorporates an accelerometer for measuring detainee physical activity level and a biometric sensor for measuring detainee heart rate. Data regarding the detainee’s physical activity level and heart rate are included in the PASS-5B’s signal transmission packet.

The TSI PRISM application software will cause alarms to be annunciated on client workstations if a detainee’s physical activity level rises above a preset level or if the detainee’s heart rate rises above or falls below preset levels. Alarm thresholds for activity level and heart rate are configurable in the TSI PRISM application software on an individual tag basis. Proximity alarms are annunciated based on user-configurable detainee classifications (e.g. Covid-Positive/Non-Vaccinated). Alarm annunciations include the detainee’s zone location in the facility. The PASS-5B resists removal by the detainee and causes an alarm to be annunciated on client workstations if removed.

Black Creek's Personal Duress Alarm Systems

Personal Duress Officer Tag

Black Creek's Personal Duress Alarm Systems provide an increased level of safety for operations and program staff. While different wireless technologies can be employed, the system generally consists of body-worn transmitters, which are activated by the wearer when he or she is under duress. The transmitters are coupled with receivers that are mounted throughout the facility. Hard-wired devices, such as under-the-counter and wall-mounted push buttons are also utilized for duress situations.

A Black Creek Duress Alarm System transmits the location of the incident and the name of the individual involved to Black Creek touchscreen monitors located throughout the facility. These selected workstations will annunciate the duress alarm until a staff member clears the incident. Additionally, through integration with other subsystems, a Black Creek Personal Duress System will automatically call up any intercoms and CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the incident to provide real-time data of the event.

Black Creek Asset Tag

Asset Tag

The TSI PRISM AT-5B Asset Tag provides a highly cost-effective solution for monitoring the real time location and number of high-dollar or security-sensitive items in a correctional facility and analyzing their movement histories.

AT-5B Asset Tags are secured with stainless steel or nylon zip ties to items such as SWAT gear, key rings, weapons, or even high-dollar, stored detainee property, providing a high level of accountability. Tags may also be secured to security-sensitive devices such as kitchen sharps, barbershop shears, etc. which, in conjunction with TSI PRISM Application Software, cause alarms to be annunciated on system monitoring consoles when those tagged devices move out of their designated locations.

AT-5B Asset Tags are equipped with an integral multifunction pushbutton and visual transmission indicator which can be configured in the TSI PRISM Application Software to annunciate messages at system monitoring consoles such as Duress, Device In Use, etc..

Badge Tag with Duress Function

Badge Tag with Duress Function

Designed for use by correctional facility program staff and visitors, the credit card-sized Badge Tag provides a highly cost-effective solution for monitoring the real time location and number of wearers in the facility and analyzing their movement histories.

Equipped with a built-in duress button and visual transmission indicator, the Badge Tag’s available sub-meter tracking accuracy provides for the annunciation of duress/panic situations on system monitoring consoles with pinpoint location accuracy giving wearers both protection and peace of mind.

The Badge Tag is maintenance-free and once turned on, has up to a 3 year useful life at 1 second transmission intervals.

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