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Knox Co., TN, Awards Black Creek Contract to Upgrade the Security Control System at the Roger D. Wilson Detention Center

Courtesy of Knox County Sheriff's Office website, Roger D. Wilson Detention Center
Photo: Courtesy of Knox County Sheriff's
Office website,Roger D. Wilson
Detention Center

Birmingham, AL – February 1, 2022 –Knox Co., TN, has awarded Black Creek the contract to upgrade the existing electronic security control system installed at the Roper D. Wilson Detention Center (RDWDC, formerly known as the Penal Farm) located in Knoxville. TN. The RDWDC, a medium-security detention facility built in 1994, has a rated capacity of 1,036 detainees. The RDWDC is operated by the Knox Co. Sheriff's Office and holds detainees awaiting trial or sentencing in addition to sentenced inmates. Black Creek installed the original touchscreen-based security system at the facility in 1994 and has performed multiple projects at the RDWDC in the interim.

The requirements of the current upgrade were set by the Request for Proposals issued by the County Procurement Division. Hardware and software for the existing electronic security control system installed at the RDWDC will be upgraded to current technologies and software, including implementation of the latest Windows® Operating System (OS). The upgrade will include replacement of the existing Vicon Video Management System with a new Genetec Digital Video Recording & Management System (VRMS) and new Bosch encoders to allow the county to incrementally replace existing analog cameras with new, high-definition IP cameras while minimizing the impact to the operations of the facility.

All existing Touchscreen computers will be removed and replaced with new Black Creek Touchscreen computers using the latest control software and OS; Knox Co, will supply new monitors as needed except for select workstations. To ensure availability of repair/replacement hardware components, all existing Square-D and 90-30 series Programmable Logic Controllers will be migrated to the GE Automation RX3i Series platform, while existing locking control relays will be reused. Black Creek previously provided an interface via contact closures with the County's card access system for existing controlled and/or monitored doors with readers; no changes will be made to this interface. Operational intercom headend equipment, intercom masters, and relay panels for utility control are still fully functional and will be reused to minimize costs. Existing field devices such as door position switches, locks, intercoms, etc., will be reused, and control and annunciation of existing field devices consistent with that of the existing system will be maintained. Knox County will be responsible for providing any new cabling that may be necessary to support the upgrade.

Existing analog Cameras will be reused, but the necessary infrastructure to migrate analog cameras to IP technology will be provided. Obsolete Vicon encoders will be replaced with new Bosch encoders, and a new server and iSCSI storage array will be provided. The existing camera recording system will be replaced with a new Genetec Digital Video Recording & Management System (VRMS) to provide 24/7 recording of over 300 existing cameras, The new Genetec VRMS will include sufficient camera licenses for all existing cameras, and the new iSCSI storage array will be sized to accommodate the higher-resolution IP digital video from new IP cameras. New POE network switches will be provided to connect new County-provided cameras to the CCTV network. Upon completion of this upgrade, the County can begin replacing existing analog cameras with new high-definition IP cameras, on a per-building basis or as budgets and workload allow, so long as the new IP cameras are compatible with the new Genetec VRMS; the County will be responsible for the purchase and installation of the IP cameras, including any necessary cabling.

The new Black Creek system will improve the safety of staff and visitors with its enhanced functionality that the current control system does not provide. Each Super Display® Touchscreen station features two LCD monitors that display all the facility’s security controls and a CCTV camera call-up and video display. An officer can easily select different camera viewpoints, control facility utilities, and more. The system upgrade will make security control easier and save the facility money by decreasing maintenance costs and increasing staff efficiency.

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