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City of Carrollton, Texas Selects Black Creek’s SallyPort© Jail Management System

Carrollton Police Department
Carrollton Police Department

Birmingham, AL – January 10, 2019 – The City of Carrollton, Texas has selected Black Creek Integrated Systems’ SallyPort© Jail Management System for implementation at its city jail.

The Carrollton City Jail, located in Carrollton, TX, serves both Carrollton and its neighboring community of Addison, TX in providing short-term detention services.

SallyPort©, a full-featured, browser-based jail management system, provides increased efficiency and security for inmate records management through its many intrinsic features. SallyPort© allows an agency to streamline its operations with My Queues and workflow, inmate screening and classification, intra-agency messaging, and Electronic Shift Log which replaces paper logs. Other SallyPort© features include digital mugshot image capture, inmate time computation, inmate property inventory and transactions, standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, medical module, expansive audit capabilities, threat group assessment, and more. As part of the implementation project, Black Creek will provide an interface between SallyPort© and the Carrollton City Police Department’s Records Management System, further streamlining agency operations.

The Carrollton City Jail will also employ Watch Tour® Manager, Black Creek’s guard tour system which allows agency management to ensure inmate wellness and security checks are being conducted on schedule and in compliance with agency policy. Watch Tour® Manager provides real-time watch tour data collected by officers using Android or iOS-based, hand-held mobile devices. Tour progress is monitored in real time at desktop workstations with tour times, images, videos and officer comments wirelessly downloaded for archival purposes after collection.

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