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Dutchess County, NY Awards New Jail Security System to Black Creek

Dutchess Co. New Justice & Transition Center under construction
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New Justice & Transition Center

Birmingham, AL – June 8, 2021 – Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp. has been awarded a $2.39MIL contract to furnish its Super Display® Touchscreen Security System at the new 569-bed Dutchess County Justice & Transition Center (DCJTC) being built adjacent to the existing Dutchess County Law Enforcement Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. The new facility will replace the existing 1984 and 1995 jail buildings; the 1984 jail building will be demolished once all inmates have been transferred to the new DCJTC, while the 1995 building will be repurposed. The existing jail facilities were deemed inefficient and lacking in safety requirements in a Needs Assessment Report published in 2013. This new DCJTC will be a modern correctional facility that will provide a safe environment for both staff and the inmate population, as well as offering enhanced programs to reduce recidivism and meet the requirements of the New York State Commission of Correction. Additionally, the modern design will allow a far more efficient staff-to-inmate ratio, projected to be at least 1 correction officer per 3 inmates or better. The current jail facility operates at a ratio of 1 correction officer per 1.2 inmates. This expected reduction in staff-to-inmate ratio will provide significant annual operational savings while still providing a secure environment. The new DCJTC is expected to begin housing prisoners in the summer of 2023.

Black Creek’s Super Display® touchscreen security control system will be an integral part of the facility’s modern design, providing enhanced security control capabilities with fewer staff and less equipment. The scope of the work includes furnishing a new locking control system that will accommodate three triple-monitor Super Display® touchscreen stations in Central Control, eight single-monitor Super Display® touchscreen stations in the Housing Units, and one dual-monitor Super Display® touchscreen station in a backup control location. The facility will also implement wireless access points and Android tablets in dayrooms for mobile security control and recording of watch tour rounds using Black Creek’s Watch Tour Manager® software. Each Super Display® Touchscreen station will feature one to three large-format LCD monitors that integrate all the facility’s security controls and a user customizable CCTV camera call-up and video display into a single functional control unit. An officer can easily select different camera viewpoints, control facility utilities, and more, for fast and intuitive security management.

The project also includes a state-of-the-art Voice-over-IP intercom and paging system; a Digital Video Recording & Management system that will utilize 1080p HD cameras in fixed, panoramic, and PTZ options for comprehensive video coverage of secured detention areas and the perimeter; a detention-grade card access system; a duress alarm system; a utility control system for lights, inmate telephones, inmate televisions, and water valves; and other hardware as needed. This fully integrated system will make security control more efficient and save the facility money by decreasing maintenance costs and increasing staff productivity. Safety of visitors and staff will also greatly improve.

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